A T2 Entertainment and Inland Sea Productions Film

The Next American Dream is a collaboration between T2 Entertainment and Inland Sea Productions, both based in Kansas City, Missouri. A joint passion for their city became the genesis for this engaging documentary. Planning began as soon as Kansas City made the decision to rebuild and revitalize its urban core after decades of abandonment and decline.  The film makers are the first to document this process on all levels and use it as one example for a broader exploration of “The American Dream” — both past and present. They explore what led us to abandon our “downtowns” all across America— with an unprecedented flight to suburbia  -- and what’s bringing us back – one city at a time.    

T2, led by CEO Teri Rogers is a nationally recognized visual design, digital production and post production company that creates content across multiple platforms. Inland Sea Productions’ Emmy-award winning producers Aimee Larrabee and John Altman are highly seasoned filmmakers and writers, widely known for their PBS documentaries and other entertainment projects.  The two companies are currently in post production on an IMAX film, “We The People,” due out in 2010.

Executive Producer:

Teri Rogers, T2 Entertainment

Produced and Written by:

Aimee Larrabee, Inland Sea Productions
John Altman, Inland Sea Productions

Location Directors:

John Altman
Cara Myers
Larry Garrett, Monkjack Productions
Anthony Ladesich, Mile Deep Films & Television

Script/Narration Writers:

Larry Garrett
Cara Myers

Production Coordinator:

Nicole Melton

Line Producers:

John Altman
Megan Thomas

Post Production Coordinator, T2 Entertainment:

Nicole Melton

Post Production Supervisor, T2 Entertainment:

Cara Myers

Editorial, T2 Entertainment:

Cara Myers
Nick Balda
Anthony Ladesich

Assistant Editor:

David Stephens

Visual Design/Animation, T2 Entertainment:

Michael Ong - Creative Director
Cody Beltram - Motion Graphics Designer
Darton Simons - Motion Graphics Designer

Finishing/Color Correction, T2 Entertainment:

Cara Myers

Musical Score:

John Evans - Original music composer, August Hour Production
Cara Myers - Needle Drop/SFX
Wheeler Audio - Audio Mixing/Sweetening


Joseph P. Mandacina
Michael Stine
Christos Moisides

Location Cinematography:

Leon Ault
Anthony Ladesich
Andy Romero
Carl Ostanek
Joy Maxwell
Branion Blank

1st AD:

Mike Dix

Jib Operator:

Scott Jolley

Location Sound Recording:

Mark Bovos
David Stephens
Beau Williams
Richard Stobaugh
Ken Paulakovich
Ted Topi
Tim Wilkinson

Assistant Camera:

Roger Branit
Brad Fanfalone


Scott Childers
Greg King


Mel Graham
Roycee Schlotzhauer
Sandy Kiesel
Frank Dorset
Tim Miller
Micah Brooke
Karen Foglesong
Mark Bracewell
Mark Farley


Shelly Walker

Production Assistants:

Adrian Hamilton
Sean Connolly

Media Management:

Nicholas Vedros

Cine Support:

The Gilbert Group
MidAmerica Cine Services

Film Transfer:


Archival Footage Courtesy of:

The Prelinger Archives
Western Historical Manuscripts

Very Special Thanks: The City of Kansas City, Missouri

A Documentary Film By t2 and Inland Sea Productions


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or call 816.471.6554